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This beautiful TD took Richard's eye - not as good as yours Richard. Engine bay of the TDThis TF was just right for restoration - joyce is watching Richard!!Unusual in an MG show is this Lotus - it has an MG XPAG engine though. Ron and Jerry enjoy lunch in the sunshine - who managed to buy the Rocker Box then?

This year just 3 club members attended the MG Show at Stoneleigh.
Ron Whittle, Jerry Myers and myself headed south early on Sunday morning with Ron having taken on the challenge of picking us up and driving us to Stoneleigh and back. Thanks Ron.  Fortunately it was a fine day and we had a good drive down but on arrival we were confronted with a long queue of cars waiting to get in. The fine weather must have prompted a larger than usual turn out. (Reminder for next year, consider making an even earlier start!)
The show itself was good with all the major clubs and MG parts specialists in attendance as well as a good selection of good used spares and lots of other interesting stalls. There were also some excellent cars on display and interesting people to talk to. There was not as many ‘Cars for Sale’ as usual, but I was nearly tempted by a couple of projects, another TD and a TF. However I resisted the temptation probably because I could feel Joyce peering over my shoulder with some choice remarks at the ready!!!
Richard Sherman

Ron Whittle adds - I had great day at the MG show at Stoneleigh with Richard & Jerry. I was like a child in a sweet shop. There was a huge autojumble with specialist dealers covering early pre war MGs up to modern TFs & the Z range. Also some nice cars for sale -  it was well worth the visit if you're an MG nut like me.

It had been a couple of years since our last Karting GP , so Paul Jackson decided to organise another of these events. Eventually around  20 of our club members and their families joined in the fun. Paul also invited 10 of his friends from the Mawdesley Badminton club to bring the numbers up to the 30 required for the full Grand Prix. there were 5 laps of practice followed by a 10 lap qualifying session with the fastest times going in the A final, next 10 in the B final and then the rest in the C final. The finals were to be of 15 laps. With lap times averaging around 45 seconds , 15 laps doesn't sound long but believe me. it certainly takes it out of you when doing the driving. There were thrills and spills galore in each of the races with karts spinning off and hitting the tyre barriers all over the place. It's amazing how seemingly quiet individuals turn into raging demons when the red mist of battle commences. I'm afraid that our lady members were overwhelmed by the testosterone . In the A final , several of the MG team were in contention with Paul, Peter Dobson , Scott Cunningham and Cam achieving fast qualifying times . Overall winner was Jordan from the Mawdesley club with Paul and Scott joining him on the podium of the A final . After getting knocked off the track on the first corner whilst in 2nd place and left trailing the field , Cam proclaimed himself  best placed committee member and 1st pensioner after finishing in 6th place !! Pete Dobson was competing for a top 5 place with Ryan of MBC when they took each other out and finished at the back of the field but still fighting for places.
Many thanks once again to Paul for organising the event - a brilliant evening for competitors and spectators alike.
The Burscough track On the starting gridJamie all ready for the off. Jerry Myers and family all kitted out. Dave and Mike Law  ready for actionRichard and Pam Bryant, Sandy, Andrew , Roger , Dave Grant WilkieRichard, Pam, Cynthia, Andrew, Roger, Sandy and Dave, relax after their practiceAndrew Staniforth and Jamie take a breather after their qualifying heatPeter Dobson, Paul Jackson and Scott Cunningham Jamie and Sandy discuss their experiences with Roger and Cynthia in the background.On the start grid for the C final - Jerry in kart3Peter Dobson watches the B final.Richard and Roger recovering after their final raceThe podium of the C final .
Pam Bryant on the 2nd step and Andrew Staniforth on the 3rd step . Paul Hughes of the Mawdesley Badminton group on 1st.B final podium - Richard Bryant on 3rd and Jamie on 2nd with Bruce of the  Mawdesley team member on 1st.A final podium . Paul on 2nd and Scott on 3rd , with Jordan from Mawdesley on 1st.
                          MBC = Mawdesley Badminton Club                          
A FINAL                                                                            B FINAL                                                                        C FINAL
1. Jordan ( MBC)                                                                   1. Bruce (MBC)                                                   1. Graham Whittle (WLMG)
2. Paul Jackson  (WLMG)                                                            2. Jamie Coventry (WLMG)                                             2. Martin (MBC)
3. Scott Cunningham (WLMG)                                              3. Richard Bryant (WLMG)                                                3. Trevor (MBC)
4. Bob Myers (WLMG)                                                          4. Ted Myers ( (WLMG)                                              4. Mike Law  (WLMG)
5. Pete Edgeler (MBC)                                                          5. Roger Moon (MBC)                                                  5. Dave Grant-Wilkie (WLMG)
6. Cam Cunningham (WLMG)                                                          6. Matt (MBC)                                                        6. Jerry Myers (WLMG)
7. Paul Rimmer (WLMG)                                                         7. Dave Law (WLMG)                                              7. Andrew  Staniforth (WLMG)
8. Wayne (MBC)                                                                    8. Ron Whittle (WLMG)                                                      8. Pam Bryant (WLMG)
9. Ryan (MBC)                                                                            9. Dave Brown (MBC)                                                    9. Paul Hughes (MBC)
10. Pete Dobson (WLMG)                                                        10. Roger Morrison (WLMG)                                       10. Cynthia Morrison (WLMG   - dnf)

Six club cars met up at the Swan Inn at 10.30 am for the drive to Cheshire. Heavy traffic in Warrington meant the convoy got split up , but eventually we all arrived safely at the Nuclear bunker over 2 hours later after the 75 mile drive. There we met up with 3 more club cars in our own specified area of the car park. The weather was warm if not hot with brilliant sunshine - so a picnic on the grass was the order of the day. After an hour relaxing we proceeded with the tour of the bunker. It was certainly an interesting display in the extensive underground facility. Most of the displays were based on the cold war with many artifacts from Russia and USA. There was also much equipment left more or less as it was in the 1960s in readiness for a nuclear attack. This would have been the northern HQ for civil servants if there had been a bomb strike. After the 2 hour tour , it was time for a refreshment break on the way home - with a stop at the Dusty Miller in nearby Wrenbury . Many thanks to Roger and Cynthia for organising the trip.
Photos below from Cynthia Dorman and Cam

Dave's ZT heads the MG parking area.Ralph and Cyril's T types at the other end.Top down MG motoring - and it was still March!It was picnic time on the grass in the car park. There were around 20 of us enjoying the sun......hard to believe it was still only March.Queuing at the entrance to the bunker.Display of "cold war" weapons in the entrance.There was a mouse hunt for the kids - with one hidden in each display... such a small bomb ...with such a big bang !More military equipment on display. Ralph, Joyce, Cyril and Roger at one of the bunker displays watched by a dummy guard.A refreshment stop on the way home - at the Dusty Miller pub in Wrenbury.Cyril and Joyce in their TF make their way home in the lovely afternoon sunshine.
Riverside Steam Rally & Car Show
Saturday 21st April 2012
photos -  Richard Sherman and Cam
There was a fairly bright day for the 4th year of this local show. We only managed 4 cars from the club - mainly because there is a cut-off date for entries of pre-1970 only - which is a pity. As usual there was plenty for the family to see and do, but not much for the car enthusiast in the way of auto-jumble. a nice day out nevertheless.
St. George's Run - National Drive it Day
Sunday 22nd April 2012
photos - Nigel Malyan and Cam
The photos tell most of the story - but we had 8 MGs , a Stag , a Jag , a Rover and ( whisper it ) an Audi at the start at Briars Hall. The weather was awful to start with, but a stop for coffee at the Clog & Billycock warmed us up and it brightened up a little by the afternoon. All the cars made it round the 80 mile course with only a slight worry when a shortage of fuel caused a panic search for a petrol station. Many thanks to Ray Travies for setting the route and producing the Tulip style directions. 
One of the Steam Traction engines trundles past our club stand...........well not exactly a club stand, but at least we had our flag up ........... and we did have 4 club cars there......... 2 of which belonged to Richard!Look at the old crocks ... there were plenty of old cars to see as well!
We met up at Briars Hall , where we had some heavy rain.But the rain did not deter the hardy members of the club.Ron's Gt and Nigel's StagDiscussions took place - should we go topless or not?Nearly time to set off.Ron fastens the rally plaque to his GTThe rally plaqueDave Staniforth checks the petrol tank - at 15 mpg he needs to!Pete chews on the map as he decides to brave the rain with top down. Jerry checks the scenery at the first stop - at the Clog and Billycock.Still very overcast as Richard and Pam set off .Nigel stops for the view over Longridge Fell.He was joined by Dave's XJS - hope you have enough fuel for the return journey joked Nigel!Then Dave and Sandie's MGF arrived - have you got enough fuel for the return journey Nigel - guess who nearly ran out?
This is one of the first big outdoor shows of the summer and it did stay dry for the 7 of us who turned out. There weren't quite a 1000 classics there but there were several hundred and quite a good selection of autojumble stands. The only draw back was that our stand was right next to the atrena and the large Tannoy speakers - which deafened us and probably worse were the annoying amplified nasal tones of the commentator. It was all worth it in the end for Richard who won best in class with his Magnette.
A breezy morning at Cholmondeley with the "castle" on the hill in the background .........with Dave Staniforth clutching on to his newspaper......and the flags bending their poles precariously....but at least the sun stayed brighten our club stand.It was all worth it in the end as Richard won best in the 1950s class with his beautiful Magnette.
Bill's Midget heads the line up in the car park at Dunham MasseyA pleasant picnic in the warm sunshine.
(Photos - Cynthia Dorman)
There was a very pleasing  turnout for Dunham ( 9 cars!!), and a pleasant surprise visit from Bill Jump with his Midget so soon after his recent operation.
After a pleasant drive to Dunham, unfortunately Bill had to head  back home as it had clearly taken a lot out of him - but great to see him back in the driving seat again.
We had a good picnic and good conversation in the warm sunshine.  After a tour of the grounds and house we had arranged for us to all meet for a drink at the 'Swan with two Nicks' but due to a Bermuda Triangle problem with our sat-navs only ourselves,Richard and Pam,and after several minutes,Dave and Sandie turned up. Having discussed an enjoyable day's events we all headed home
Richard's TD on The SundayA rather nice TF was for sale - a snip at £22k - perhaps not!
(photos - Richard Sherman)
This is a great little show focussed mainly on the steam engineering fraternity but with plenty of classic cars on display. Eric hesketh paid a visiti on the Saturday where he was rewarded with a scorching hot day. On the sunday Cam drove Richard in his TD to visit the show, when it was warm and sunny, but with a brisk wind. This is well worth a future visit for a bigger contingent of club members.
A shady spot under thr the trees for our club standNice to see Bill's Midget out and about again.Plenty of visitors were on site.Ray Travies doing tricks with a spoon - don't ask!!Joyce and Ron Whittle enjoy lunch.Noel , Jill and Sandie relax at lunchtime.Tim's MGB heads the club line up.The club gazebo always provides a quiet refuge.Jack relaxes between bouts of plane spotting.Gordon May and his fully loaded BSA Bantam.
(photos - Nigel Malyan)

Our events secretary, Richard, tried to obtain tickets for both Saturday and Sunday at the show but was turned down due to the weight of numbers. Instead we were offered and accepted tickets for the Monday. What a result , it was a glorious day after a wet weekend! We had a fairly good turn out of 9 cars on a shady spot under the trees (if you didn't mind your car being covered in a layer of pollen!). There was quite a good crowd of visitors , including one or two club members without their cars. Also there was our old friend Gordon May with his much travelled BSA Bantam - he was promoting his next adventure which is to South Africa. Another bonus was that all the gates were opened at 4 pm so there wasn't the usual  long queue to leave the site at the end - so a pleasant day was had by all!
Our club MGs lined up in the Paddock.A good display of 10 club cars. We wre made to toe the line as we arrived.A few spots of rain made everyone start covering up. Richard's MGA coupe was driven by Bill. Yellow and Gold stand out.Ray's GT attracted onlookers as it underwent overheating investigation..A talbot Lago with French plates arrived at the end of our row.Noel and Cam gather to admire it.We managed to find a grassy spot under the trees at the edge of the paddock - great for hiding our club gazebo.There was achance to take your car for a couple of parade laps of the track. Richard Bryant's MGB follows a TR6 on the track.Rays V8 took place in the GT section - Bill, Noel, Cam , Ray and Peter gather to congratulate it.
(photos - Richard Bryant, Richard Sherman and David Grant - Wilkie)
18/19TH AUGUST 2012

Saturday has the better weather of the 2 days of the show, but unfortunately only two of our club cars ( Martin & Margaret's Midget  and Ray & Pam's TF) plus Brendan in his VW pick up and vintage motorcycle, turned out to enjoy the sunshine.
The stand was full with 12 cars on the Sunday but unfortunately the rain arrived in the afternoon to put a dampener on the event. Even so there was plenty to do as usual and at least the rain did ease off long enough to pack the gazebo away and drive home in the dry.
26TH AUGUST 2012

This was the 2nd year of this event and it didn't disappoint. We had 5 club cars on our allocated area and we managed to find room to put up the gazebo. This was just as well as by mid day it was pouring down making the prospect of a good show look bleak. An hour later , however, the rain stopped and the sun came out. the public tiurned out in their thousands for this free show and Ormskirk town centrre was packed for the parades around the ring-road.
There were quite a few MG owners enquiring about the club too - so this is a must for a big turn out if the show goes ahead for a 3rd time next year.

Northern Classic Show - Ripon Race Course
Sunday 2nd September

This was first visit to this show , which was brought about by the cancellation of the Leighton Hall Show for a 2nd time. There were 4 of our club cars who made the 80 mile trip into Yorkshire for  what turned out to be a very good show - perhaps we should make this part of our offical show calendar next year.
Photos to follow.
Sunday 7th October 2012

This was postponed in September due to a clash with the Southport airshow . Our re-arranged October date was highly dependent on the weather being good. We need not have worried - there was an Indian summer for a couple of days before and the day itself perfect. Autumn sunshine bathed the Malyan ranch all day and the lawn had had a chance to dry out from the deluges of the previous month. The plan to have several gazebos was not needed and over 30 club members and family joined in the fun. Lynn had done us proud with side salads all prepared and Nigel manned the BBQ all afternoon keeping the burgers and sausages going on the production line. Nigel's sons Thomas and Jack had even rigged up some entertainment in the form of a "Bat the Rat" game which proved to be good fun - with only Sandy being successful in actually hitting the "rat".
After the food there was a raffle with lots of donated prizes - so that just about everyone won something. Then what everyone was waiting for - the auction of a large selection of cakes that Mandy had baked (Jamie said that their kitchen resembled "Mr Kipling's" bakery  on the Saturday). To finish off there was an auction for a picnic hamper that had been filled by Mandy and Jamie.
The final total raised was announced by 5 pm at over £350, but this was soon revised to over £420 after all the final donations came in - so beating last year's total which was the target .

Many thanks to Nigel, Lynn and the boys for all their hard work
Everyone gathered for a final photo shootThomas and Jack set up the Bat the Rat game Old Bloke has a go at the Bat the Rat game.A chance to sit down and enjoy the food.Jamie , Lynn and Mandy enjoy the sunshine.A good array of raffle prizesEveryone sat in eager anticipation of the raffle draw.
October 22nd

The total now raised is £460 and still counting!!
Well Done everyone!
All ready for the buffet - Joyce heads the queuePeter .Dobson and son Ben wait patientlyRichard Sherman raring to go.Lanes 19 and 20 - ready for the next game - and Scott checks his emails.Hooray - the buffet is open.Noel, Dave and Cyril wait for the feeding frenzy to quieten down.Sandy and Ron get their food.Jill and SandyNigel shares and funny email with John.Mandy gets the drinks in......whilst Jamie sees to the food.Relaxing beteween games.Ralph gets a round in.Nigel uses his Zimmer frame ....and gets the ball aimed ready to roll.....and away it goes - and misses - much to Sandy's amusement.Final photo call - just about everyone manged to get in the picture - with Dave Maguire hiding at the back.Noel with thw winner's trophy - and with some balloons tied to the back of his head . Runner-up Peter Dobson sees the funny side!

We had 20 club members participating in the bowling this year - organised by Ralph and Noel. We had the buffet in between the two games this year , rather than at the beginning as in previous years. Slight change in the scoring this year as we decided to count both games into the total rather than just the highest scoring game. After the first round Noe; was in the lead with a score of 124 and peter Dobson in 2nd place with 119. In the 2nd round Peter had the highest score of 141 and Noel managed 140 - both excellent scores. The final totals were Noel winning with 264 and Peter with 260. Jill was highest scoring lady and 3rd overall with 229, Jamie was 4th with 213 and Scott was 5th on 205.