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August Events
Photo left - lunch break at Stoneleigh. Left to right - Cyril, Richard, Ralph, Pauline & Dave Reeves, Noel.
A car load of 5 members drove down to Stoneleigh to look for MG bits and pieces. At lunchtime we met up with Pauline and Dave  and also Ron Whittle , who missed the photo call.
The 2 halls were packed with punters and plenty to see and buy.
Cam met up with members of the MG Enthusiasts MGA BBS outside the MGCC stand (photo below taken by Ron Whittle) and nearly missed his lunch.
Club Nights 2011
APRIL  2011
Everyone gathered for picnic lunch at ScortonPicnic time at Scorton
Richard with his newly restored TD
This year we decided to keep the Drive it Day within the club. To this end we had a drive out to Scorton picnic area. A beautiful sunny day greeted us and the warn weather stayed with us all day. Meeting up at Briars hall at 10 a.m. were 5 club cars and then heading off to Tarleton 3 more joined in in our drive up the A6 to Scorton. We stopped off at the pleasant picnic area at 12 noon for our picnic lunch. The only thing lacking there are toilets!! By 1 pm we were all finished eating so we set off through the scenic Trough of Bowland for Dunsop Bridge in search of conveniences.. There we found enough space in the car park for our 8 cars (just). It was busy but not too crowded so we stayed to enjoy the facilities and an ice-cream before continuing our tour. Our group then divided in to two with 4 cars heading for Ribchester and the other 4 heading back to Garstang.
MAY 2011


Roger organised this , his first event as social secretary. There was a fair turn out of 10 cars but unfortunately the windy weather brought the showers- some of them quite heavy. Arriving at Ribchester for lunch, the cold weather drove a few indoors to the warmth of the local cafe, whilst the others searched for answers to the questions set by Roger and Cynthia , which took in a tour of the village. The hardy travellers then headed for Chipping and the second part of the run, where Martin and Margaret completed the the Treasure Hunt and were the eventual winners. Many thanks to Roger and Cynthia for the time and effort put into the organisation.
Club standThe sun stayed with us during the morningEarly rain meant that Ralph had the top up on his TCThe castle made a lovely back drop to the show This is what it's all about - Peter, Ralph and Bill enjoy lunchA typical English Sunday afternoon - with cricket on the green. We persuaded Ralph to take his car into the arena for the pre 1950's cars judging. Could this be good news?Yes - his TC won best pre 1950s car. .. but the best was to come - Andrew Greenwood himself presents Ralph with the trophy for Car of the ShowRalph with Car of the Show Trophy .
A rather showery forecast kept a few people indoors - but we had 7 club members turn out with their cars . Despite the showers it was a pleasant day out for all at this excellent venue -  well worth the 100 + mile round trip.
Meeting point was at the Hesketh Arms in RuffordThe leaving time was 11 am so we had time for a chat and a chance to get the papers from the local shop. Ribchester car park - and the rain had followed us through Preston - it stayed with us until afetr 2 pmToo wet for the lunch picnic - Martin spotted this cafe near the car park. Yes - it was a good call - Martin , Margaret and Ralph enjoy a coffee out of the wind and rain.The map of the village had the answer to many of the clues in the Treasure HuntMartin and Margaret are joined by Jill at the museum in the searchfor answers to the Treasure HuntThis sign caused Martin some amusement - the word "humps" is a noun not a verb!!
JUNE 2011
TATTON PARK  4/5th June 2011
A beautiful hot day on the Saturday brought out the crowds and 10 cars on our stand but the Sunday was the complete opposite . Pouring rain right from the start with a wet drive on the M6 ,and  only a few breaks during the day,  but we managed 12 cars on the club stand. Fortunately it cleared by 5 pm allowing us a dry drive home. Well done to Ralph for picking up the runner's up trophy with his TC in the MG class .
Saturday's club standLunchtime on SaturdayThe gazebo provided shelter from the scorching June sunshine.Peter cooks breakfast on a damp Sunday morningSunday's club standThe gazebo provided shelter from the cold June drizzle!!It was well worth Ralph turning out in the rain - his TC took 2nd place in the MG category.
We had 6 MGs on the Rivington car park this year........but is that smoke coming Ralph's car?.....or maybe from Cyril's?.. ..yes - there's definitely smoke coming from the the 2 T-types... yes definitely coming from Cyril's ....Relax -- it was Cyril with his family sized BBQ........and Joyce Whittle makes sure the GT doesn't get caught by her BBQJoyce Fishwick and Jill Skinner  enjoy the  BBQ as Ralph wafts away the smoke.Hooray - here comes the cavalry ---in the shape of Jamie's van with the communal BBQ.
MidSummer's Eve Picnic at Rivington
Saturday 18th June
9pm to 11.30pm
A bit cloudy but a lovely evening - Joyce F managed to see some of the sunset before we arrived and the clouds covered it -  a shame that only 6 MGs plus two other cars ( making 15 of us altogether + 3 dogs) enjoyed the evening with excellent company
- where was everyone else?
A mixed day of sunshine and cloud took us to the country side north of Preston to enjoy this excellent small show. It was one of Andrew Greenwood's offerings with the usual format of a small number of trade stands and vehicles on display in year groups as well as club stands. We had 6 cars in all on our stand - for the first time with 5 GTs - the MGA being the odd one out. The culmination of a good day out was John Dickenson winning the trophy for best Sports Car  - Well done. .
Some pleasant sunshine - ideal for a picnic. Quite a good spot for our standThe club stand had an exclusive feel with fencing behind to keep us out of the marsh.The show ground was in a good part of the Hoghton Tower estate - with surrounding treesRay arrived with his V8 and just managed to squeeze it in...but still plenty of room for our group picnic. ...and they day was capped with John winning best Sports car with his MGB GT
JULY 2011
This year's show seemed busier than the last couple of years - the sunny weather must have helped.The Malyan family enjoyed their picnic in the sunshineWe only managed 4 cars on our stand..but we still had a good position in front of the hall.. with the club gazebo giving us some shelter from the sun....and someone found the excitement just too much!
This was a busy day for club members , with 3 events to choose from.
1. Leighton Hall , Carnforth, Cumbria; 2. Lydiate Classic Show and 3. Club social trip to Jodrell bank
Photo Left
3 of the club cars at Lydiate. John Dickenson with his MGBGT, Eric with his MGB and Sandy with her MGF. Jerry was also there with his RV8 but missed the photo.

Photos Right
Picnic at the Anderton Lift Bridge before the rain
At the radio Telescope , Jodrell Bank
Photos - Left
A small gallery of photos of the Leighton Hall show where 4 of our club's car attended.

Roger organised another social event - this time to the Transport  Museum in Birkenhead. Four club cars made it "over the water" and when Roger enquired about the security of the car park , the museum staff not only said that they would keep an eye on the cars but invited them into the museum as extra exhibits - Brilliant!
Photos below by Roger and Cynthia.

the 4 MGs of Roger, Noel, Cyril and Dave&Sandy park outside the museumJoyce with the TF inside the museumNoel and jill park their GT inside the museumEvery one's MG made it it into the spacious museumA tram ride to the ferryA lovely day for a ride on the top deckA ferry cross the Mersey - with a cruise liner in dock.A good view of the Liverpool waterfront from the ferry.

Six club cars made it to this local show that raises funds for the restoration of the 17th century hall that is presently in ruins. A £3 donation got your car into the show and the paying public got in for a similar amount to look at your car - (something not quite right there - or is it just me?)
Photo left has Eric,  Ralph, Ron, John and Andrew and Jill enjoying lunch.
Photo - right with some of our club MGs
Photos by Noel Skinner.
Cars of Cam, Richard and Peter all wrapped up on the Saturday evening- just as well as it poured down most of the night. Tents already pitchedPeter and Richard relax in the gazebo on Saturday evening before the BBQ meal andthe ritual  consumption of alcohol!The club stand on the Sunday - sunshine replaced the awful weather of the previous day.Beautuful scenery of the surrounding hills made an excellent backdrop to the show. All the roads out of this valley involved a very steep climb - which the MGs managed with ease!!On Sunday the gazebo provided shelter from the showers which were only light and brief.Cam bores Roger with his latest camping gadget.
Northern National - Pateley Bridge - Harrogate
- Saturday/Sunday 6/7th August 2011
Roger & Cynthia and Richard Bryant & Pam turned out on the Saturday morning to join in the run - an 80 mile  drive around the hills and dales of Yorkshire - they certainly enjoyed it even if it poured down and they found that an MGB is not leak proof! At least they had a dry night in their luxury Bed and Breakfast accomodation. Cam, Richard Sherman and Peter turned up on Saturday lunchtime to camp overnight for the Sunday show - to the sounds of the thunderstorm right overhead - very enjoyable once the rain had stopped.Ron and Joyce arrived on the Sunday to make 6 club cars on our stand for a mostly sunny day with the odd shower.

We didn't have too many cars on display on our stand on the Saturday, with only 3 cars arriving. The weather was not too good with showers most of the day and visitors thin on the ground. The Sunday , however , was a good sunny day and 10 club cars turned out to make a godd display. there was not much room left , so it was a good job that all those who booked did not turn up, but their tickets could have been useful . As it was both Bob Atherton and Roger Morrison turned up without their cars as they didn't have a ticket  - entry for the those on foot was £5 to park and then £7 a head to get in - not cheap so tatton tickets are at a premium. The crowds turned up in their droves despite this with many visitors to our stand - including Ryan Giggs - and it stayed dry and sunny all day - a good day out.
On the Saturday - cloudy with showers.We only managed 3 cars on the stand - Cam's MGA on one side...and Eric's and Peter's MGBs on the other. Sunday was a better day weather wise .. with 10 cars on our stand, including a first visit for Graham's MidgetNoel's GT surrounded by his flagsPlenty of visitors ensured a busy day.Our stand was pretty much filled - good job everyone who booked din't arrive.Ralph 's and Cyril's T types.
Some views of our stand in the bottom corner of the park........just near the duck pond ...........or is it a lake?John's MGCGT looked good in the sunshine.......with 2 cars from the MGF register joining us - ...their event shelter was duly erected ......although it didn't keep out much of the wind or rain.......but fortunately it didn't rain too much.Richard's TD was invited to join the parade around the town centre... with Peter as navigator........ he managed to get some good shots showing the crowds that gathered to watch.

This was the first time for this new free event, which was organised jointly by Aintree Circuit Club and West Lancashire Borough Council. The town centre was used to park the specialised vehicles - racing cars and the like - with the adjacent  Coronation Park being used for the classic cars as well as trade stands. The event got underway to a bright but blustery day after participants had signed in at 8 am ( a little early for most of us. ) Perhaps this early time put some off as it was noticeable that there were large gaps on the park where more vehicles had been catered for but had not appeared. We had only 5 club cars on our area when we had expected 10 , with Richard Sherman obliged to park up separately with the parade group of vehicles. By noon the park soon filled up with huge crowds of visitors , who had free entry to the event - - in fact at some times it was difficult to move around. At 3 pm there were 3 separate parades of vehicles ( motor bikes, racing cars, classic cars) around the town centre - with the road closed for the occasion. The crowds lined the 1 mile route standing 4 or 5 deep at some points - this can be seen in the photos taken by Peter Dobson from the passenger seat of Richard's TD. Apart from the strong wind and the odd shower it was a good day , with Sandy Grant-Wilkie doing a sterling job chatting to several local MG owners who are hopefully prospective members . A good show for a first attempt - sure to be even better next year if the council think that the money was well spent.
This was our chairman Nigel Malyan's idea to raise money for our favourite charity - Derian House Children's Hospice in Leyland. We all gathered at Nigel's ranch in Birkdale after paying our donation to the fund. The weather was perfect all afternoon and allowed everyone to enjoy the sunshine as their burgers and sausages burned - I mean cooked  - on the BBQ.  Mandy produced several of her home baked cakes and these were auctioned to the highest bidders during the afternoon. there was also a raffle of various items to complete the proceedings. The grand total raised was close to £350 - an excellent amount - well done everyone who contributed .Only when most of the activities had come to a close did the sky start to cloud over and the gazebo was packed away just in time as the first few drops of rain started to fall. Many thanks to Nigel and Lynn for the use of their garden.
Everyone takes a seat ready for the formal part of the proceedings.......with the sun still shining........the raffle gets under way.......and Thomas even managed to get some money out of CamRalph and Cyril are eager to see the raffle prizes....Val and Joyce look on expectantly.....Jill, Joyce & Ron with Sandy looking on.Mine host --chairman Nigel serves the drinks.The Malyan family organise the raffle prizes.Ben Dobson helps out as Ray wins a prize.Joyce claims her prize....and finally a group photo just before the rains started!!
The final destination for the run was Dunsop Bridge - recognised by the Oranance survey in 1992 at the geographical centre of England - this is commmemorated by a sign in the public phone box - in fact the 1000,000th put up in Britain. The 6 cars made their way there via Clitheroe castle where they were the stars getting a special place near the castle keep - this was followed by stops in Waddington and Downham where a food stop refuelled everyone.The return journey was via the Inn at Whitewell and the Trough of Bowland. Roger and Cynthia are already planning more runs next year. 
Photos by David Grant-Wilkie and Peter Dobson.
Special MG parking at Clitheroe castle.......with not many people around...... and close to the museum.......and castle keep.Eventually there a few [people looking around our cars.Then time for a refuelling stop at Downham ...........before reaching our destination and a welcome ice cream at Dunsop Bridge.
Ron and Noel had their cars on display at the Birkenhead show on Sunday 19th September.
Only 3 cars on display on the Saturday......Richard, Dave maguire and Eric with his gazebo. ... with much better weather.... and a bit warmer than the Saturday......which made quite a good display for the large crowds.Eric's gazebo made a good focal point.......with Richard cooking the breakfast bacon butties.By lunchtime we were getting hungry again...... so it was butties at the ready..........and there was a pleasant suprise waiting........Ralph had brought a very large apple pie - donated by his daughter.....and ice cream generously provided by Roger.........and Ray was just visiting , but managed to get his share!
This has been our last  outdoor show of the year for some time now. The main day is usually Sunday but Richard, Dave and Eric did turn out on the Saturday , but it was a bit cold windy and damp. The sunday started with a bit of drizzle but turned out to be quite sunny later on. There were 7 club cars and several club members visiting without their cars ( no passes left!). Richard continued the tradition of cooking early moring Bacon Butties for all members present . We had a good display and the crowds arrived by early afternoon as the sun came out.. It was clear that it was a better show than in previous years with more to see for the family - but no actual stalls selling tools etc. Ralph brought along a large apple pie - donated by his daughter and shared with all club memebrs for lunch - with Roger nipping to the adjacent  van and generously providing ice cream for us all - a good day out at a show that gets better each year.
Birkenhead Classic Car Show - Sunday 19th September