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PRIDE OF OWNERSHIP - Club Night 21st JULY 2016

We had to postpone our Pride of ownership competition at the June club meeting due to heavy rain - so we held it at the July meeting instead . There were 18 MGs entered altogether but the rain over Skelmersdale and Wigan kept a few cars in their garages. Photos - Steve Kirton 


Premier Class -                                            Standard Class

1st - MGTC - Ralph Greenhalgh                1st -   MGTF - Roy Green             
2nd - MGC - Steve Plowright                     2nd - MGB GT  - Steve Cunliffe
3rd - MGA - Cam Cunningham                     3rd -   MG Midget - Brian Corbett           

Modern Premier   Class                                        Modern Class
     1st - MGF - Steve Kirton                       1st -  MG TF - David Graham
                                                                   2nd -  MG TF - Jerry Myers                                                                                     3rd =MG RV8 - David Bolshaw
                                                                  3rd= MG RV8 - Mike Law

Steve's MGF - only car in Modern Premier class
Steve Cunliffe's GT fronts this line up
Roy green's TF stands out in this line up
Streve Cunliffe's GT
The Modern Class cars
Peter Dobson's MGB with its new coat of paint
Ron's GT

We held our annual bowling night on Friday 4th November - with 20 club members, family  and friends attending, making it an excellent evening . Eventual winners were Alison Dickenson for the Ladies prize -( after a dead heat with the same total score as Jill Skinner, Alison took the trophy with the highest single round score). Ralph Greenhalgh won the Gents Trophy after a stunning first round scoring 196 with 7 strikes.


There were only 8 entries this year - down on the 11 from last year, but there was still a good atmosphere as the ramp was set up and the tape measure put into position ( Thanks to Eric Hesketh for these). One by one the buggies were released at the top of the ramp for two runs - and the longest of the distances achieved were recorded. The main obstacle for the buggies was running in a straight line , and crashes into chair legs ended the runs of several buggies - even the winner's run was ended a couple of feet short after hitting the rolled up red carpet .

Final Results 
Note - we stick to classic Imperial measurements

1st - Jerry Myers - 27' 3"
2nd - Eric Hesketh - 25' 3"
3rd - Pete and Ben Dobson - 23' 8"
4th - Roy Green - 23' 7"
5th - Cam Cunningham - 22'​
A report by Steve Kirton our  2016 publicity officer

As they say Christmas comes but once a year "well not if you own a MG or classic car with the West Lancs MG Owners Club" it comes at least twice as we held our festive Christmas meal at Briars Hall on the night of the 15th of December - and with the ladies all dressed up in their finery and bangles and the gentlemen with dinner/lounge suits the members were actually turned out better than the MG's and classics that they drive!
The evening started with us all meeting up between 7pm and 8pm for drinks and cocktails before a three course festive menu followed by mince pies and coffee. In all 44 members attended our Christmas festivities. Having chosen the meals that we would be having beforehand from a wide and varied menu the service was very swift and efficient indeed.
 After the meal we had two draws take place one was a Irish raffle were everyone was given a free ticket and if your number was called out you sat down, so as one by one we sat down the last man-woman standing was ?????? Alison Staniforth.

There was then a musical interlude given by Gerry-atric with their Pacemakers - singing - or trying to sing an MG related song to the tune of Winter Wonderland. All went well for the first couple of verses and then the wheels fell off - not off the MG but off the music - whch was interupted on the electronic tablet by an incoming message from France - yes our overseas member Ray was calling to say 'Allo Allo. But the 3 amigos, Nigel, Ralph and Cam,  aka Gerry-atric & Co  did manage to complete their rendition to much laughter and applause.

  The star prize was to name the giant teddy bear donated by Jack and with all the proceeds going to Derian House Hospice. To win this you had to guess the bears' name from a book of pre-selected names and with the price of a ticket £2 for 1 or £5 for 3 guesses - needless to say the members gave very generously to Gillian&Joyce, aka 'The Persuaders' and £128 was raised for the chosen charity. 
The winner of the star prize was David Graham. As David thought he might be a little too old for Alexander the Teddy Bear (to give him his new name) he was instead presented with a voucher of a meal for two which was kindly donated by Briars Hall and it was decided that the bear should also be donated to Derain House Children's Hospice.
  As the evening was coming to an end and with Christmas wishes ringing in their ears and the last mince pies being hastily eaten along with the exchanged cards being gathered up off the tables it was time for members to say their farewells to another successful year (37 and still going strong) in the history of
 West Lancs MG Owners Club.
 But before we left we held a quick auction of the helium balloons that had decorated our tables and another £20 was raised to go into the charity pot of good causes.
  We would like to thank Briars Hall and staff for making us most welcome tonight and also throughout the year at our monthly meetings and also BIG thanks go out to the behind the scenes committee members (you know who you are) who work so hard and tirelessly to make this event the success it is every year.

Awards Evening Thursday 17th November 2016

This year's two main awards went to Joyce Whittle for the Supporter of the Year Shield, for all her work on the events the last 2 seasons. 
The Dargan Trophy went to Steve Kirton, our publicity officer for getting our club a huge amount of attention in the local media over the last 2 years. 
Cam presents the Dargan Trophy to 
Steve Kirton
Nigel presents the Supporters Shield to Joyce Whittle
Jerry Myers receives the Rocker Box trophy for the 6th successive year
The Pride of Ownership winners
L to R - Roy Green, Steve Kirton, Ralph Greenhalgh and David Graham
Alison won the hamper
David won the 
giant teddy
Nigel, Cam and Ralph made up the Geriatric trio for the "entertainment"
Some of the club members at their tables enjoying the evening