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A montage of photos from this celebration of British Classic cars on the Sunday nearest St. George's day (April 23rd).
We had good turn out of club cars - around 16 - that set out on a short run on a route set by Richard Sherman  around West Lancs .
Thanks to Dave Grant - Wilkie for the photos
Click on the thumbnail photo and then move to each photo in turn by clicking at the top left or right of the photo.
Cricket St. Peters Somerset
April 26/27th 2008
David and Sandra had a great time in their 230 mile trip to the South West MG weekend, in Somerset. The venue was held at the mansion that was the set for the "To the Manor Born " series.

Cyril's Tf and David reeves Tc head the line of club carsTims roadster flanked by Ralph's TC and Rob's RV8Chris arrives in his NG specialView of the whole car park.View of the car park Club members stand and chat before the off.Umbrellas up as it starts to rainRain didn't stop play!Alan arrives in his TFCam's MGA flanked by Alan's TF and Eric's MidgetAnother view of the umbrellas!Car park looking towards Briars Hall
Noel's Visit to USA

Well here we are back in the UK after spending a great month in New York staying with our daughter. We did all the usual touristy things including a helicopter ride over New York, a treat from our daughter. It was an amazing trip.
. During the time we were there we met up with members of the Long Island Centre MG club. We were made very welcome. Although smaller in numbers than us they celebrated their 50th anniversary last year. There does not seem to be as many classic cars on the East coast as on the West coast mainly due to the weather (plenty of sun in California). I have become their first overseas member with Jill being an associate member and there will soon be one of their club caps on its way probably to be raffled at the club.(the person who deals with their regalia was not at the meeting). I was amazed at the distances they travel to attend shows or just for the fun of driving, but then they do have a bigger country than we do. Many of them have several vehicles though not all MG's but all seemingly classics both British and American. Because I am Old and forgetful, I neglected to take my camera with me but as it happened no one came in their MG as  the weather was not so good. I will be receiving their monthly news letter its title "Skidmarks", (yes it has the same double meaning over there to) so I will bring them with me to meetings in case any one would like to see what they get up to on the other side of the pond.
Photo Left
Montage of photos from the Long Island MG Club's Magazine.

Photo Top right. David and Sandra Grant-Wilkie outside the Cricket House with their Golden Nugget MGF.

Photo Right below.
The car park of the Hotel at Cricket St. Peters shows a bit turn ourt of MGs.
Trip to the Isle of Man
Cyril and Joyce took their TF on holiday with them to the IOM. It certainly looks from the photos as though they had a good time.
I just hope the handbrake was secure when they parked on the quay side at Peel Harbour (below). Full report in the June newsletter
Martin & Margaret drive to the Spridget 50th Anniversary
Martin and Margaret Pagett made the trip down to the British Motor Heritage museum for the Sprdget's 50th Anniversay gathering. Margaret was amused to see "POO" labels on their car's windscreenonly to be enlightened to the fact that it stood for "Pride of Ownership". A fantastic turnout of spridgets , probably close to 500 made a great view over the car park.
Photos Margaret Pagett.
Martin's Midget ready for the PoOLine of Spridgets ready for the PoOFantastic turnout of Spridgets on the Gaydon Museum car parkMartin packing the boot of his MidgetThe rally plaque for the 50th Anniversary gathering.
Richard Sherman completed the restoration of his USA re-import  1951TD late last year. But he had taken the last 6 months to sort out the gremilns that remained in to the car to get it running properly. The final stage was to tune the engine and have it running smoothly as there was still an occasional misfire. On Friday 4th July , Richard had booked the car into MiniSport in Padiham,(who speialise in tuning classic Minis)  near Burnley for a rolling road tune up . Setting off at 8.30 am Richard and I drove the 40 miles or so mostly on the M6 and M65 motorways with no real problem . He did note that the engine was perhaps a little cool, with 80C showing on the gauge. Arriving at the garage for its 10 a.m. booking , the technician soon spotted a leaking carburettor and spent half an hour sorting that out . A quick spin on the rolling road showed good emissions but a check on the display showed up a defective spark plug, identified as #3. This was a new plug and when replaced the car ran very smoothly . Running the engine he set the timing and then put it on the rolling road up to 60 mph showing 40 bhp at this speed .  The emissions were then altered to a lean mixture and the timing again checked. Richard then took the car for a short drive and all seemed well. On the way home the temperature needle started to creep up to 90 then 100 and eventually off the gauge. Time to stop!! -   and we took the next exit and stopped on the slip road. Steam was coming out of the overfow. A fiil up with water got us another 20 miles and the same thing happened, but this time in a service area. Richard did a quick readjustment of the timing and the car ran home a little cooler. -Yes the timing had been set too advanced and the mixture a bit too lean - so a rolling road reckoning can help find the gremlins but the technician may not always get the settings quite right! photos Cam Cunningham
Arriving at Minisport in Padiham Driving into the rolling road bayOn to the rollersChecking the leaking carburettorChecking the timing
Richard Sherman took his TD out for its first event - the Wirral run. His neighbour's son provided the navigation for him
(photo gallery of their trip below - full write up inthe next newsletter)
(and gets car of the day award)